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Standard Terms and Conditions of Business

A.   In-house training courses

1.  Subject Matter
The subject matter to be covered is as discussed and agreed with Russell & Associates (“ the provider”).

2.  Preparation of Materials
The provider agrees to develop all materials necessary for the preparation of the programme including a master training manual of course documentation which may be copied with the consent of the provider for the sole use of delegates attending the particular course. Further duplication or copying may not be done without the express prior written permission of the provider.

3.  Dates/Venue
The provider agrees to present the training programme on the dates and at times agreed with the client.
The client is responsible for providing a satisfactory venue and all specified equipment required for delivery of the said training. The Provider is available to assist with the selection of suitable venues when required.

4.  Cancellation
Should the client wish to cancel a training course, the provider will require notice in writing at least thirty business days prior to the stipulated course date. Failure to notify in accordance with this clause will result in the full course fee becoming due and payable immediately.

5.  Postponement
If the client wishes to postpone a training course, an opportunity cost may be incurred by the provider subject to the amount of notice given. Such opportunity cost will be determined by the provider and will be for the client's account and payable immediately upon submission of an invoice by the provider.

6.  Fees
Fees are as agreed with the client and will be payable in £ Sterling, or in any official successor currency thereto, converted at the official conversion rate, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Standard terms of payment are as follows:

50% with confirmation of mandate as a non-refundable deposit to cover development and third-party costs;

50% upon completion of contract or at such other stage as may have been specified in writing to the client;

Value Added Tax will be added to fees where applicable. Full reimbursement of all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses will be expected upon submission of invoice.

The provider reserves the right to withhold production of work should any interim payment not have been made and shall be held blameless for any increase in time schedule or in costs to the client resulting from such delay.

Should the payment remain not forthcoming, the provider reserves absolutely the right to withdraw from the fulfilment of the order and without payment of compensation or the repayment of deposit monies where applicable.

B.  Public Courses

1.  Fees
Fees, payable in £ Sterling; (bank charges for the account of the remitter), are due on booking, and in any event must be paid before the commencement of each course. VAT is payable on all courses taking place in the United Kingdom.

2.  Cancellation Policy
The course fee will be refunded in full, less an administration charge of £100 plus VAT if notice of cancellation in writing is received by twenty working days before the relevant course. Substitute participants will be welcomed up to the start of the course. No refund of fees will be made in respect of cancellations notified other than in writing and before the twentieth working day before the course commences. In circumstances where the ‘no refund’ clause has been triggered, and payment has been received, the participant is able to claim a 25% discount on any subsequent course booking provided that event takes place within one year of the date of commencement of the cancelled course.

3.  Publicity
Russell & Associates reserves the right to employ the quotations of participants, and their photographs, if taken, in its publicity and marketing material, both physical and electronic, without the specific prior consent of participants.

4.  Incidental expenses
Travel, subsistence, accommodation, and all other incidental expenses remain the responsibility of the participant, and Russell & Associates will accept no liability for them under any circumstances.

5.  Changes to Advertised Programme
Russell & Associates reserves the right to make any and all changes to the advertised programme (including cancellation and/or postponement) and to the content and delivery of each course as may be necessary or expedient in the light of circumstances prevailing.

The parties to any agreement or contract hereto shall be governed by English Law and each party agrees to be subject to and to be bound by the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all material delivered and presented, Russell & Associates will not be held liable for any inaccuracy or deficiency, alleged or proven, nor for any adverse financial or reputational consequence to the client or its business thereof.

Russell & Associates reserves the exclusive right to alter and amend content, materials, venues and speakers in the light of unforeseen circumstances.