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Study-Abroad Programmes

Many prominent business schools and universities arrange study-abroad visits to the UK. These may last for an entire semester or may be of shorter duration.

A number of our faculty have developed short (lasting from a couple of hours up to two days) and longer programmes in response to the interests of these visitors. Tours, site visits and experienced guest speakers are used, and add to other thematics which include a well-developed resource centre of industrial and commercial educational material for this purpose.

Case studies focus on the way in which local companies and other organisations, frequently known to those attending, confront issues of competition, management, governance and morality. They will allow participants to research and explore how global markets, particularly those present in London, may be used by the companies being studied to finance and to hedge certain risks.

Privileged visits enable audiences to get ‘behind the scenes’, and demonstrate the manner in which directors and managers respond to changing circumstances.

Studies conclude generally with an extended role-play. Frequently participants are assigned board and management responsibilities; their decisions and actions being observed and criticised by those who have held or do hold similar positions in industry. Panel discussions and de-briefings serve to draw out the major learning points.

Russell & Associates welcomes enquiries from academics and tour organisers, and our staff enjoy responding to requests to provide outline programmes as well as more detailed proposals for these industrial, financial and commercial experiences.

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Reward and Incentive packages

With a different objective, those organising reward and incentive packages have turned to Russell & Associates for liaison, advice, preparation and planning. Implementation of these mixed business/pleasure/culture tours has resulted in a number of memorable and enjoyable tours, the success of which has come, at least in part, from use of the developed network of speakers, guides, linguists and hosts that has been researched and tried over a decade and more.