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Introductory and Familiarisation Courses
for Accompanying Spouses and Partners

  • Do you or your staff wonder what goes on in the City and the financial markets?
  • Do you need to know more about recent developments in financial markets?
  • Does your job require you to comment on economic and trade matters?

Should you develop your opinions on financial current affairs – such as….

  • The effects of rival trading platforms on the London Stock Exchange?
  • How does London’s financial regulatory system compare with your own?
  • What will be the likely impact of ‘private equity’ on your domestic companies?
  • Should a company retain an AIM listing, or de-list?
  • The drawbacks of corporate governance?
  • How to monitor shareholder registers for the presence of hedge fund investors?
  • MiFID, Basel III and the rest
  • Is a ‘dark pool of liquidity’ a threat or a benefit?
  • What is ‘Prime Brokerage’ and what do you know about funds administration?
  • Are the risks and benefits of the insurance and banking sectors becoming more aligned?
  • Current thoughts about personal and corporate taxation?
  • What challenges does London face as the top international financial centre in the world?

Answers to questions such as these can be obtained by attending one of the specialist training courses now offered by Russell & Associates.

With considerable experience of training members of London’s diplomatic, civil service and parliamentary communities, Martin Russell and his team of practitioners have developed a range of solutions to meet your particular needs.

So much more enjoyment can be had when serving in London if what goes on in the City is understood early in a posting.

Martin Russell provides fascinating explanatory courses and programmes of visits to institutions both old and new in the City and in Docklands. These can be arranged for an individual or a group of up to fifteen. An appreciation of what happens where and why in London will greatly enhance every aspect of the life of an accompanying spouse.

Guest speakers and prominent figures are invited to contribute their own individual perspectives.

These courses are easiest run during the business day, but can be held at weekends or during the evenings when required.

Group programmes can be arranged for Fellowships, Fraternities, Associations and similar expatriate organisations.