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Course Contents and Variants

1.  Full day’s training

City familiarisation in a single day

  • Putting the City in context
  • Understanding risk and reward
  • Cost of money, the role of the Bank of England and main institutions
  • Institutional investment patterns
  • Financial instruments
  • Risk management, hedging and insurance

2.  Two day course

More detailed city familiarisation with appropriate visits to significant institutions in the City and in Docklands over two consecutive midweek days. This course focuses on the structure of a specific financial institution and examines its activities in the context of its client relationships.

3.  Evening programme

"City and Financial Markets"™

One evening per week for eight weeks, and one full day

  1. The city and the world; how the global economy impacts the city
  2. Debt markets: money markets, foreign exchange, bank lending and the bond market
  3. Equity markets: stocks and shares – the stock market including private equity
  4. Derivatives, insurance & risk management
  5. Investment banking; corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions
  6. Fund and Wealth management including hedge funds and alternatives
  7. Settlement, regulation & compliance
  8. Question time, final awards and sponsor session

The full day will include trips to London Metal Exchange, Lloyd’s, Guildhall, Bank of England, Royal Exchange and a presentation from a prominent City figure.

A trip to Canary Wharf may be arranged to enable participants to familiarise themselves with the institutions and layout of Docklands.

4.  Bespoke training

Subject matter tailored to suit the needs of the individual or group involved

This will be delivered at a location and a time to suit the requirements of that group.